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Chinese MP4/MTV Player

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Chinese MP4/MTV Player is used to describe a group of Digital audio players or Portable Media Players, most commonly manufactured in China. These players are capable of displaying images, videos, and text files. Although commonly called MP4 players, they have little to do with the MP4/M4A/M4V audio and video files. The earlier players were usually unable to play MPEG4 format videos and were limited to proprietary file formats such as MTV, DMV, MPV and AMV. This is beginning to change however, as more of these players manufactured in recent years have begun supporting MPEG4 format video files.
Common features
Most players include a viewer for image files, such as JPG and BMP. They also play MP3 and other audio files. Conversion software is usually included on a disc. Videos are usually played in the AMV or MTV format, converted from other common formats using the conversion software. Most players also normally include an ASCII text viewer, so that e-books can be read. Some units include a phone book application, a voice recorder, and an FM radio, making it possible to record FM broadcasts. Finally, some units include video games in the firmware.
Currently, players are advertised as being produced in capacities of up to 8GB (flash based) and 100GB (micro-hard drive based). If the player is advertised as being 4GB, it is probable that they may have hacked[citation needed] because the memory chips that are normally manufactured by Samsung are not currently supplied in 4GB sizes and will be 1 to 2GB maximum. But that does not mean that two two GB chips aren't used in one MP4 player will not give you the same 4GB. This type of hacking of the flash chip fools operating systems, such as Windows XP, into displaying the memory as 4GB, however it is impossible to store and retrieve this capacity as the real memory is 2GB or less. Sellers also commonly advertise capacities in gigabits (as opposed to gigabytes.) Deceptive descriptions like this are common on sites such as eBay. However, more recently real 4GB MP4 players are coming out, but it is uncommon and caution should be taken when buying from any seller.
Some of the more recent Chinese MP4 players support third-party expansion flash memory cards, for example, SD/MiniSD/MicroSD, to extend the capacity of the MP4 players.
The battery can last for several hours, although this amount greatly varies depending on the model of the player and what the player is being used for. For example, the device could be used to play video files which would drain the battery more quickly than playing audio files. New players now have batteries that can last up to 12 hours while older players have a maximum use of 6 hours. In addition to improved battery life, some of the mp4 players now use a cell phone battery which makes it easy to replace the battery should it fail.
These players come in many forms, some are very small with 1.2 inch screens and very light weight. Others are larger and more robust with 1.5 to 2 inch screens with built-in speakers and two earphone sockets instead of one. Most players also feature a 65k OLED display which produce brighter colored image than normal LCD displays, although the image quality generally suffers because of this.
These players are generally supplied with Stereo Ear phones, a proprietary USB cable and a disc with the appropriate drivers. Depending on the model, the package for the players may also include a charger. Some may also be supplied with a special carrying case.
It should also be noted that the outer plastic cover of some players is of low quality and the clear plastic that protects the screen cracks easily. There are many complaints about these issues from users all over the world.
In general, it is simple to operate the players; a small amount of buttons can perform multiple actions, like play, stop, enter and etc. Some players have additional buttons , while others provide the simpler 'star' configuration adjacent to the screen, with a single selection button or joystick in the center of the star.
For Cost Contact me i not a salesman but i have bought one and did a little research for the features and cost..

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